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The Wisdom of Taking One Small Step

Change is hard. But if you start small today, the rewards down the road can be big.

Small steps, big changes
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Now’s about the time when folks may be struggling to stick to resolutions made for the New Year—losing weight, exercising, finances, keeping the house organized, etc. 

The reality of a resolution sinks in when we realize we don’t like giving up our cupcakes and favorite snacks; when we have to climb out of bed 30 minutes earlier to fit in a workout.

Frankly, I don’t like change. But one of the few benefits of getting older is that I’ve discovered a few things. One is that I have to just go ahead and get started, whether I want to or not. Another is that a little bit done consistently will eventually result in some real change.

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I had a visual reminder of that this past week. I always dread putting away the Christmas decorations. It’s fun pulling everything out and making the house look festive. Putting it all away? Not so much. And since I do a lot of decorating, it’s a big job.

I reminded myself that all the decorations didn’t go up in a day. In fact, with my crazy schedule, it had taken a couple of weeks. Since my schedule is still crazy, why should I expect everything to be packed away in a day? So I’ve been packing boxes between deadlines and other tasks. And each day, the pile has dwindled.

The same is true spiritually. I often don’t like change—even though I know it will make me a better Christian or draw me closer to God. That’s when I have to dig deep and determine that I’m going to get started.

I know the results won’t be perfect on day one, but if I listen to God’s voice and make those changes consistently, I’ll be a different—and better—person before the next year rolls around.

Dear Lord, this is the one resolution I don’t want to break. Work on me consistently until real change occurs, until others can look at me and see You reflected in me. Amen.

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