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Hope Springs

Turn gloom into blooms. Love shared is love squared. We call these little sayings “Hope-isms.” Have you met Hope?

Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan
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I’m staring out my office window at the skyline of Manhattan, which is draped in fog and drizzle. A few minutes ago the rain was coming down in torrents. Arguments about climate change aside, it is passing strange that we keep having these 60-degree days in January. It’s not supposed to work like that. This is more like April than the dead of winter, but without the extra sunlight. Warm and dark and dank.

I’m trying not to feel too gloomy, even though this weather has been hanging around since midweek. That can be trying when you have a golden retriever who has to go out on the leash several times a day. I’ll tell you a dirty little secret about goldens: They may be the dearest, sweetest, most beautiful dogs in all creation but boy, do they stink when they get wet, and Millie is no exception. Of course they have no idea they reek. They just want to be loved. Millie actually enjoys the rain. Every time we get back into the apartment I have to grab a couple of giant beach towels and dry her off, which always turns into a wrestling match and tug-of-war. I end up on the floor, soaking wet and out of breath, while Millie prances around displaying the captured towel like a battle trophy.

I need a break. And my dog needs a good shampooing (which she’ll get tomorrow).

For today, at least, conditions remain gloomy. But you know something? I don’t have to be. There’s an expression around Guideposts: Turn gloom into blooms. And it’s based on a biblical verse. We call these little sayings “Hope-isms.”

Have you met Hope? She is a charming and whimsical character with an emoticon for every occasion. She has a beautiful life story and an infectious positive attitude (which I need to contract today). We have an amazing array of uplifting products called Hope Springs, wonderfully and cleverly designed around Hope’s unbending faith, optimism and Hope-isms. Here’s another one: Love shared is love squared. That’s inspired by John 13:35.

You can get to know Hope by liking Hope Springs on Facebook or going to the Hope Springs website. By the way, this is not a line of products that was conceived for the likes of me, a middle-aged guy with a big wet dog. But you know something? I really like them (I actually own one of the mugs) and am not afraid to say so. So check it out, especially if it’s raining on your day.

Turn gloom into blooms, a perfect thought bubble on a day that’s filled with drizzle and fog and gray. I’m feeling better already. And by the way, can you guess on what verse this Hope-ism is based? Post below and I’ll tell you later.

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