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Praying for Patience and Safe Travels

I’m stuck in an airport on my way to the next Guideposts “mini” writers workshop, and I’m worried about the 10 or so workshoppers also traveling today, so say a prayer for them.

Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan

Last I blogged, it was from the Mediterranean waters off Istanbul at the end of the Guideposts Holy Lands Tour.

Two weeks later I find myself marooned at Washington National Airport with Amy Wong, enduring an unplanned six-hour layover on our way from New York to Charleston, S.C., for a Guideposts “mini” writers workshop. Rick Hamlin is still stuck back at Newark. He probably will get there even later than us. This is very frustrating.

The reason given for the cancellation of our original direct flight was “high winds,” which to me sounds like, “We don’t have enough passengers to pay for the gas.” But apparently it’s true and there are a lot of people in our situation, so I should probably shut up and count my blessings, which is so often the case with me.

I’m worried, though, about the 10 or so workshoppers who are also traveling to Charleston, so say a prayer for them and their safe and hopefully undelayed travels. The workshoppers are our editorial lifeblood, our eyes and ears around the country, and we like to meet with them as much as possible to discuss potential stories.    

Do you aspire to be a workshopper? Our next contest will be announced this April for the following fall, a whole week in Rye, New York, at our expense learning everything we know about writing true, first-person inspirational stories. Start thinking about your story now. We’re waiting and waiting and waiting …

But first say a prayer that I am given a bit of patience today. Thanks.

P.S. Do you have a travel travail to share? Post below! 

P.P.S. Thanks again to the wonderful Debbie Macomber for making these workshops a dream come true.

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