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Great New Thing

The all-new Guideposts.org is filled with inspirational stories, videos, blogs and much more!

If you’re like me, you love new things, and I have something I think you are really going to love—our new Guideposts.org website.

First, we’ve changed to .org from .com., though you can get there using either URL. So why are we org? Because we are a nonprofit, and always have been, though people are not always aware of it. In fact our commercial activities are there to support our Outreach efforts, such our military program and our free distribution of books and magazines. We are definitely an org.

What’s new about the new site? An expanded roster of great bloggers on a wide range of topics, including inspirational movies, pets, prayer, personal growth, faith, angels, mother-daughter relationships, Mysterious Ways, and positive thinking (written by Amy Wong, former editor-in-chief of Positive Thinking magazine).

For many of these topics you can sign up for a free newsletter featuring more inspiring and uplifting stories plus videos, tips and even recipes from our Inspired Kitchen.

What I’m most excited about are the ebooks the staff has put together on subjects like Hope and Faith, Devotionals, Angel Sightings, Prayers for Every Need, and a condensed version of The Power of Positive Thinking.

So before I take up any more of your time, check out Guideposts.org. It’s a really great new thing.

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