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She saw a shining light that deepened her spirituality during Christmas.

This is the time of year when our thoughts turn to loving-kindness. We long for harmony, peace, simplicity. Too often we find loneliness and despair. 

Last year at the holidays, I was at the hospital, waiting, irritated, to see my doctor, and anything but peace and loving-kindness was on my jaw-clenched mind. I had things to do. And here I was, waiting!

My foot jiggled. My fingers tapped. Impatient, annoyed, I despised the surly clerks behind their desks, the pitiful tinsel tree on the counter with its hopeless ornaments.

Then, realizing that all I was doing by nursing my annoyance was increasing my misery, I sent out a tiny plea: “God, help me!”

Suddenly everyone—the clerks at their computers, the hurrying nurses, the patient in her wheelchair, the man on his cane staggering down the corridor—everyone was shining with light. I sat up, startled.

Suddenly I understood: we are spiritual beings, all of us, encased in light. Myself included! And in that moment, the clerks behind the counter, the frightened woman in her wheelchair, her tired husband pushing her—were as beautiful as angels. Shining like angels.

For a week I saw with my spiritual eyes not only people, but dogs, cats, the trees and grass, the squirrels scurrying for nuts—every single living thing is surrounded by and emitting this interior spiritual light. I could only bow before it, in gratitude and awe. The grace of Christmas, given me.


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Sophy Burnham is the author of 12 books. She is best known for her ground-breaking books on the spiritual dimension of life, including A Book of Angels, The Ecstatic Journey and The Path of Prayer. She is a frequent public speaker and gives workshops worldwide.

Find out more at SophyBurnham.com.

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