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Wars and Rumors of War

Will your loved one be deployed? How to cope with that worry.

Soldier saluting the flag.

When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be frightened; those things must take place; but that is not yet the end. (Mark 13:7)

For those of us with close ties to the military, the immediacy of our society can be a double-edged sword. While it’s good to know what’s happening around the world, every armed conflict brings one question to mind.

Will my loved one be deployed?

A soldier about to be deployedThat is the foundational worry of those who love someone in the military. No matter what we do to try to mask it, that thought is running somewhere in the back of our minds at all times.

We know the training that has equipped our loved ones to do the job they’ve been called to do. We also carry an immense pride at the sacrifice these brave men and women are prepared to make. But somehow the fear is still there.

Looking at recent events in the world–with this question in mind–can drive a military family to despondency. These families have many options when it comes to coping with possibilities.

Some choose to never watch the news, others take a Pollyanna attitude. And although there aren’t any perfect solutions, these two extremes produce their own set of difficulties.

I’ve found a more balanced approach works better for me. I am better able to cope if I’m not blind-sided with something, so I do try to keep current on recent events. But I don’t dig for every rumor or possibility our world wide media can uncover. Too much information can overwhelm me.

Then I filter the information with the certainty that before time began, our God has known what is to come. Beyond that, He’s promised us that He’s always with us, and we’ll never have to walk any road alone. And most of all, as much as I love the one I’m fearful for, God loves him even more.

So for me, the bottom line is that this isn’t the end, no matter what happens here on earth. We’re promised an eternity with God and with those who love Him.

While I’m in no hurry to step into that eternity, the fact of our ultimate destination gives me hope. I can filter everything I see around me through the promises of God and know peace even in the midst of wars and rumors of wars.

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