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“I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”—MARK 9:24 NIV

The day-to-day caregiving responsibilities disconnect us from others and, at times, even from God. We know God is out there, but we sense no immediate presence. Where are you God? “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief” becomes our whispered prayer.

God hears our prayers even when we don’t sense Him. The fatigue and numbness of caregiving occasionally blocks us from finding Him. But He is listening. He’s never far from any of us. If we watch carefully for Him, we might find tiny glimpses of His presence.

Perhaps that will be in the lyrics of a song on the radio. His message could be hidden in a card or e-mail we receive. We may hear His voice in a conversation with a friend. Or perhaps a hug from an acquaintance becomes God’s arms around us.

Glimpses of God are everywhere, if we’ll only pay attention to them. He is present and waiting for us to meet Him. Look for Him today.

Lord, You are my daily Companion, even when I don’t see You or feel Your presence. Open my eyes and ears to catch a glimpse of You today. I do believe—help me overcome my unbelief!

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