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The Very Best Crown

[The Lord] crowneth thee with loving kindness and tender mercies.—PSALM 103:4 KJV

In the Tower of London are the British Crown Jewels, arguably the most valuable collection of precious stones on earth. The Imperial Crown alone, worn by Queen Elizabeth at state functions, is covered with more than thirty-seven hundred jewels, including two thousand diamonds. It is certainly impressive by worldly standards.

But England’s famous crown is like a farmer’s straw hat compared to the one we as Christian caregivers wear. There is no better crown than that described as “loving kindness and tender mercies.” The spiritual wealth of our crown has no parallel on Earth. You just can’t measure the value of God’s infinite love and mercy.

We get to wear our crown because King Jesus wore a crown of thorns. Our Lord laid aside His dazzling crown to wear a deadly one on Calvary’s cross. No wonder the twenty-four elders in heaven “cast their crowns before the throne” (Revelation 4:10 KJV).

Unlike the Queen of England, we can wear our crown every single day. By its very nature, it’s never a royal pain or a heavy burden—it’s a delight to wear.

As we minister to God’s humble children, let’s officiate their own “coronations.” Crown them with God’s loving kindness and mercy. May God steady our hands for this important work!

Glorious King, I thank You for giving to me the very best crown! Let me wear it only to honor You. And may my service crown others with Your love and mercy.

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