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The Honor of Serving

“ ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”—LUKE 10:27 NIV

Our culture’s emphasis on self first may influence us to view caregiving as a chore to be endured. These days, a life dedicated to serving others is deemed less desirable than a life spent pursuing one’s own goals and ambitions. But the Bible highlights the privilege of putting others first. God honors those who serve.

Ruth, the heroine of a famous Old Testament story, is honored for caring for her mother-in-law. Others esteemed her for that and agreed that God would repay her richly.

In the New Testament, Jesus always put others first. He didn’t cling to any of His rights. He laid them down to serve. And Jesus encouraged His followers to do the same.

In Luke 10:30–37, Jesus made it clear whom His disciples were to serve—their neighbors—by telling them the story of the Good Samaritan—a man who went out of his way to show extravagant mercy to a stranger. Jesus exhorted His listeners follow the hero’s example.

Each day brings many opportunities for caregivers to follow such examples and practice the great commandment: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

Let’s approach each caregiving task today with extravagant mercy. May our acts be motivated by love for our “neighbors” and a desire to please Jesus. God sees our acts and seals each one with His stamp of approval.

God, help me to value caregiving the way You value caregiving. Help me to view serving as a privileged undertaking. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to love my neighbor and serve You in the process.

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