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The Blessings to Come

You know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.—COLOSSIANS 3:24 NIV

Even city folk know that if we plant a kernel of corn, it produces several ears of corn, loaded with many more kernels. A single sunflower seed grows into a tall, sturdy stalk with a heavy golden head holding hundreds of seeds. It’s amazing how great the return we get when we plant seeds in a garden or field.

As caregivers, we are sowing good things into other peoples’ lives. It may sometimes seem like a thankless job, but God sees all that we do—and, in time, He will reward us with a great “crop” for our efforts.

That’s another thing about sowing seeds: They produce their fruit in a future season. A day or week after we sow, it looks like nothing is happening. But with the appropriate sun, rain, and time, tender plants rise up from the ground. As the weeks continue, the plants grow stronger, become fruitful, and produce a harvest.

Whenever we serve others, God rewards us. It may not be as quickly as we’d like—but it will certainly be good. We can count on the Lord!

I am grateful, dear Lord, that You love me and notice the things I do for others. Thank You for rewarding me—in Your time.

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