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Fully Equipped

[May God] equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him.—HEBREWS 13:21 NIV

Anticipation filled the air as the family watched a tiny chick break away another piece of eggshell. “Just a few more minutes and he’ll be out,” the father told his fascinated kids. Sadly, the experiment ended in failure. The baby bird struggled mightily, only to die in the end. Not a single egg in the entire batch produced a healthy chick.

Hoping to learn what had gone wrong, the family researched egg-hatching techniques, finding that precise temperatures, moisture levels, air flow, and other factors support success. Human beings, with much research and technology at their disposal, struggle to produce healthy chicks. But hens don’t. They’re fully equipped for the task. They just do the job they are specifically designed to do.

We as caregivers are similarly equipped, by the same God who programmed hens to excel at hatching eggs. We may not always feel like we’re up to the job—but according to scripture, God has given us everything we need for doing His work. We are where we are because we can give what no one else can. And God promises to work in us what pleases Him. 

Lord, please help me to draw on Your resources, that I might be fully equipped for serving as a caregiver. Work in and through me to touch the lives of others as only You can do.

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