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Exhaustion to Sustenance

Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you.—PSALM 55:22 NASB

You’re exhausted. You feel like your life’s been changed forever. Hospitalizations. Surgeries. Visits with specialists. More hospitalizations. More treatments. Will it ever end? Will life ever be normal again?

Your loved one’s physical problem has thrown you into a tailspin. And it’s so easy to think, If only I had…, I wish I had…, or It’s my fault that this happened. Guilt often accompanies a loved one’s illness or injury. We do all we can to help, but it never seems to be enough to appease our conscience.

If you’re carrying a load of guilt, retracing your actions again and again in your mind, press the STOP button. That load isn’t yours to carry. Your heavenly Father has forgiven you—for both real and perceived failures—and told you to cast your burdens on Him.

Receive His forgiveness and release your heaviness of heart. He’ll make your load light. Take this gift of love and move ahead with the dignity of Christ.

Revive me, Lord. Remove my heaviness of heart. Strengthen me to begin again and to serve with a joyful heart as You sustain me each moment of the day.

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