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A Live Presence Within

“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”—JOHN 7:38 NIV

The days were long, the patients demanding. Of course, the caregiver wanted to serve—encouraging, prodding, and challenging the residents to be as independent as they could be. Changing sheets, cleaning bedpans, positioning bodies, fluffing pillows, and the simple act of listening were all part of her everyday routine.

But there was a strain, and it zapped her inner resources. How could the days fly by yet seem so long at the same time? Could she continue for months until her planned vacation arrived? After having given so much, where would the strength and stamina to show genuine concern come from?

The Bible speaks of a flow of energy, a steady rush of life from the one Source of real life. It’s a real presence, a live, active Spirit inside those of us who believe—an endless bubbling spring that reaches the mind, spirit, soul, and body, quenching deep needs and restoring vitality to those in whom He dwells.

We don’t serve a God of stuffy rules and stale rituals. He’s the God of endless resources, who can pour out a healing touch to both patients and caregivers. He can provide a vibrancy that overflows to those who most need refreshment.

Great Source of all life, fill me with Your steady flow of living water. Make Your presence so real that I might overflow to those I care for each day.

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