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A New Way to Faithfulness

When you can’t see your way out of a situation, listen to others who see things differently.


“The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart….”—Luke 6:45 (NIV)

 “Let me tell you a story,” she said.

I just rolled my eyes (after turning my face away). I should have known not to complain to Edith. It’s bad enough to think I don’t have power or influence, but seeing the cuts in my budget made me believe it. And when someone wants to tell you it isn’t true, it’s even worse.

Edith was undeterred. “Last week I approached a man who was breaking into my friend’s car and asked, ‘Do you have change for a dollar?’ For just a moment he froze, then nonchalantly started walking away for a quarter block and then took off running.” She smiled and sat back.

“People who make a difference don’t let others define a situation. They see truth by how they live and what they do. Maybe it’s time you quit letting others define the situation.” She smiled again.

Edith’s quirky stories are legend. Some make no sense; this one, remarkably, did. Because of her encouragement, I looked harder at my situation and discovered that the money left over after ending one part of my work was enough for a fresh start in a new direction. A whole new opportunity was there—one that I hadn’t seen by focusing on what I didn’t like and despite what someone else said was most important.

I’ve got Edith to thank for that.

Thank You, God, for the people who enter my life and help me find new ways to faithfulness.

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