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A Devotion for Overcoming Fear During Lent

Donating blood on Good Friday was a reminder of what Jesus suffered and sacrificed.

Donating blood

Looking unto Jesus…who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross…. Hebrews 12:2

During Lent each year, I try to do something that in some small way reminds me of what Jesus suffered and sacrificed by dying on the cross. This past year I donated blood on Good Friday, which involved both suffering and sacrifice because I have this silly but big fear of needles, especially needles going into veins. But being afraid, I decided, was exactly the reason I should donate blood. Surely Jesus felt afraid.

So early on Good Friday morning, I marched into the blood bank where a kind lady greeted me. Considering the color of my face, she probably wondered if I had any blood to give. She asked some questions, filled out some papers, took my blood pressure and then swabbed down my arm in search of the best vein. I’m sure she sensed my tenseness because she skillfully distracted me with conversation. “You know, only five percent of the people donate blood, yet it is the most precious part of ourselves we can give away. Blood can’t be bought or made…and it saves lives.”

Before I knew it, the “ordeal” was over and she handed me a cookie and glass of water. “Your sweet reward,” she winked. Maybe I should have told her my real reward was much sweeter: overcoming a fear because of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, You were afraid…yet You did the Will of Your Father…for the sake of others. May I aim for the same.

Excerpted from Walking in Grace.

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