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  • Nowhere to be Found - Secrets of the Blue Hill Library

    Anne Gibson is excited to transform her great-aunt Edie’s home into a beautiful library, but she has discovered something amazing! A hidden room is revealed behind an old quilt, which contains a picture of Aunt Edie in a wedding gown. However, Anne is rather certain that her relative was never hitched! Can Anne uncover the story behind her great aunt and figure out the role of the handsome man pictured next to her? Meanwhile, Anne reacquaints herself with her old friends while making new ones at the same time, but there is an individual who isn’t as excited as the others to see her again. Will past endings prevent new beginnings?

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  • All Sewn Up Book Cover

    Anne has found receipts for two-dozen fancy sewing machines purchased by her great-aunt Edie, and none of them are a match for the model Aunt Edie used in her house. What happened to them, and why would Anne’s late relative buy so many machines? Meanwhile, Liddie embarks on a mission to collect clothing for needy children in Blue Hill. Join Anne, her family, and the residents of Blue Hill on a heartwarming adventure of charity, mystery, and community!

  • If Walls Could Talk Book Cover

    While investigating the damage in the basement of the library after a storm, Anne and Alex discover a human skeleton buried with an arrowhead and Aunt Edie’s bow and arrow. Did Anne’s great-aunt play a role in the death of this mysterious figure? Meanwhile, Anne encourages Ben to participate in the local church’s father-son retreat, to Ben’s disquiet. Can she figure out a way to get Ben enthusiastic about the event with one of Aunt Edie’s beloved hobbies?

  • The Rightful Owner Book Cover

    When Anne and Wendy decide to host a used book sale to improve business at the library, they discover that someone has accidentally donated a first edition of a famous Edgar Allen Poe book! After Anne has the book appraised—with its value the equivalent of a small fortune—various members of the community begin approaching Anne claiming that the book belongs to them! Will the rightful owner ever be found? Meanwhile, Anne attempts to convince her son, Ben, to maintain an open mind about literature after he becomes obsessed with a particular series of children’s books. Simultaneously, she must also help Liddie, who appears to be taking a game between her friends too personally. Come to Blue Hill, where adventures are plentiful and every moment is memorable!

  • The Valentine Visitor Book Cover

    When Anne receives a baffling Valentine’s Day postcard addressed to her great- aunt Edie, she is puzzled to learn that it is inexplicably from an exotic location! To make matters even more interesting, the postcard was sent by an anonymous person! Can Anne figure out the person of interest while notifying him or her of Aunt Edie’s death before he or she expends the resources to travel all the way to Blue Hill? Meanwhile, everyone seems to be pushing Anne to go to the annual sweetheart dinner with Alex; the question is, can she risk their friendship over a potential romance that she isn’t prepared to have? Is this part of God’s plan for her?

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  • Held in Perfect Peace will comfort and strengthen you with a refreshing encounter with God. In this devotional you will find:

    • A timely, inspirational verse to assure you of God’s loving promises
    • A true story written by beloved writers of Daily Guideposts who share the many ways God speaks to you and gives you His peace in every circumstance
    • A thoughtful prayer to draw you closer to the Lord
    • Additional scriptures to deepen your walk of faith
  • This new devotional contains 365 inspiring Bible verses, uplifting devotions, and moving prayers to help you apply each day’s message.

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  • Experience a closer relationship with Jesus in just 5 minutes a day with Mornings with Jesus 2023. This popular devotional eases your worries and nourishes your soul with devotions especially written for a woman’s heart.

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  • We wanted to let you know that we have changed the name of Daily Guideposts to Walking in Grace

    Start your day inspired! Join millions with this bestselling devotional. True stories, Scripture, and prayers draw you closer to God. Get a FREE Scripture bookmark with your regular or large print purchase.

  • A Daily Devotions for Animal Lovers. This inspiring devotional brings you 365 touching stories of animals who appear at just the right moment providing comfort and bringing us closer to our faith.

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  • Experience a journey of spiritual growth this 2024 Lenten season. This remarkable book is a compilation of thought-provoking reflections from various women of faith. Prepare yourself for Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection with daily devotions that not only deepen your understanding but also strengthen your faith.

  • Uncover a new level of Bible reading with enriched insights, illustrations, and charts. Experience understanding and memorability with verse by verse exploration.

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  • Walking in Grace Devotional Bible a Guideposts’ new Bible presents the popular NIV translation with over 300 uplifting devotions throughout the Old and New Testaments.

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  • Women of the Bible Devotional

    This unique devotional study is written by women, about women and especially for women, and offers you a deeper understanding of a woman’s struggles, dreams and experiences. Explore how God uses the circumstances of a woman’s life to help her embrace faith, hope, encouragement and love for your life today.

    You’ll meet real women – some well-known and a few you may never have heard of – who struggled with tragedy, made mistakes, risked their lives and reputations for the sake of others, yet sought God’s wisdom and help. These women will inspire you, challenge you and encourage you to trust and love God today.

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  • Embark on a moving journey of faith as Edward Grinnan, Guideposts’ Editor-in-Chief, shares his inspiring memoir on navigating his mother’s Alzheimer’s and conquering his own fear. A blessing for those facing trials.

  • Discover real-life miracles, incredible rescues, and signs from beyond in The Joy of Miracles! 84-pages of awe-inspiring stories, devotions, prayers, breathtaking art, and more. Get ready for a heartwarming journey! Also, don’t miss our other editions every 3 months, like gratitude, prayer, and the beloved Christmas collection. Experience the joy today!

  • ewj-ff

    End each day with a peaceful spirit with 100 beautiful devotions focused on helping you let go, rest in God’s grace and get a good night’s sleep.

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  • aaausspinecovcover-ffb

    True stories of encounters with God’s heavenly messengers.  Read never-before-published inspiring stories from people just like you whose lives were changed by extraordinary encounters with angels.

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  • True Stories of Transformation from Near-Death Experiences

    Join the extraordinary Witnessing Heaven series and take an unforgettable journey through the stories of real people, just like you, who took a miraculous journey to heaven and back. Some of the books in the series are:

    • Book 1: Heavenly Encounters
    • Book 2: Messages from Heaven
    • Book 3: Transformed by Heaven
    • Book 4: A Love Beyond Words
    • Book 5: A Choir of Angels
    • Book 6: Scenes from Heaven
    • Book 7: A Joy Like No Other
    • Book 8: A Glorious Light
    • Book 9: In The Presence of Love
    • Book 10: Wonders of Heaven

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  • Four talented women form an unbreakable bond at Mercy Hospital in Charleston, SC. Witness their inspiring friendship as they unravel mysteries, explore hidden passageways, and discover historical treasures, all while under the protection of a guardian angel. A fast-paced series filled with adventure, humor, and Southern charm

  • Escape to a simpler time with gripping historical mysteries that pay tribute to the Greatest Generation.  Follow along as two best friends turned modern-day sleuths unravel mysteries and pay tribute to wonderful hometown heroes!

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  • Enjoy two sparkling old-fashioned romances in one book – set hundreds of years apart – and woven together with suspenseful mystery in a small-town with a peculiar name.

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  • Come home to Heather Creek, where enduring faith, abiding friendships and the unconditional love of family will refresh your soul.

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  • Escape into love stories that celebrate faith, joy, and hope and will make you feel all is right with the world. These stories are set in actual American towns with quirky, interesting names that inspire romance and are just plain fun! 

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