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The Twister That Caught a Thief

Tennessee police solved a crime thanks to unexpected help–from a tornado.

Home damaged from a tornado in Kingsport, Tennessee.

He was probably thinking he got away with it… and he would have, if not for a force of nature.

Jerrod Christian of Kingsport, Tennessee, was already in jail, charged with disorderly conduct and threatening a police officer. But there were some things the cops didn’t know. One of Jerrod’s neighbors had reported multiple thefts of tools and equipment from his barn, items worth well over a thousand dollars. And Jerrod may have had more than a good idea where those missing items ended up.

Then, on July 27, a tornado ripped through the Rock Springs area of Kingsport, leaving severe damage in its wake. The most devastated property, according to Kingsport police, was a home on Rock Springs Road–Jerrod’s house.

From the Kingsport Police blog:

Witnessing the damage first hand, a nearby neighbor ran to render aid. As he scanned the scene, he made a startling discovery. There among the scattered debris was an air compressor that had been stolen from his barn in a burglary that had occurred the previous day.

K.P.D. Detectives were called to the scene. During the course of their investigation, additional stolen property (including a welder, a ratchet, an air hose, and a weed trimmer) was located that was taken during the July 26th burglary and a previous burglary to the same barn on July 14th. All told, over $1,000 in previously reported stolen property was recovered.

As the neighbor told ABC News, “I kind of had suspicions, but you can’t just accuse people without proof.”

Jerrod hasn’t entered a plea yet, but it might be safe to say he’s already been judged. As the Book of Numbers warns, “Take note, you have sinned against the Lord; and be sure your sin will find you out.”

Like a stolen ring that brought armed robbers to justice, or a strange dream that inspired one teacher to blow the lid off corruption in the Atlanta school system, sometimes crimes are brought to light and solved in seemingly miraculous ways. Got your own story? Share it with us!

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