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Stay Connected to the Source

As bees photo bomb a sunflower shoot, thoughts of roots and real nurturing arise.

A sunflower connected to its source. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.

I went out today to buy a pumpkin and photograph at Washington Farms in Watkinsville, Georgia. There are so many neat things to do at the farm in the fall. They have a pumpkin patch, corn maze, petting zoo, a sunflower garden and many other activities.

My time was focused on the sunflowers, and I spent several hours photographing them. The bright, vivid colors of the sunflowers were amazing.

I coined a new term today….”bee bumping.” The bees were just as interested in the sunflowers as I was. When I had my camera set and ready to photograph a sunflower, a bee would land on it. I had to frequently move them off the flower with my finger encouraging them to visit another one.

The sunflowers can be bought for only a dollar, so I cut several to take home. A worker at the farm helped me put the flowers in some water before I left. One of the sunflowers was 8 inches in diameter! I noticed that it started to wilt on the way home.

This freshly cut sunflower immediately made me start to think of a spiritual implication. The flower was vibrant and alive because it was connected to the source (stem, ground and roots). It was cut from its source of nourishment where it grew and blossomed, and once it was cut, it began to wilt.

When we are cut from our source, the Lord, by not spending time with Him, we too start to “wilt.” We need His strength and nourishment to help us in our daily walk with Him.

Are you connected to the source?

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