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The Miracle Pyramid

Miracles range from the everyday to the thunderbolt variety. Here are some examples.

The miraculous Great Pyramid at Giza. Photo by Mikael Damkier, Shutterstock.

It’s Day 3 of the “Miracle Chase Takeover Week”! Today, the Miracle Chasers–authors Joan, Katie and Meb–break down different types of miracles using a “Miracle Pyramid.”

In the physical world, mathematics has its proofs, science its theories and psychology its personality types. But how can we make sense out of miracles? In our research for our book, The Miracle Chase, we found miracles in cultures and religions across the globe.

The miraculous Great Pyramid at Giza. Photo by Mikael Damkier, Shutterstock.As we contemplated their inherent wonder, we were drawn to another, more concrete, one: The Great Pyramid at Giza, which became the perfect visual for the types and frequency of the miracles we uncovered.

Today’s blog has us traversing the walls of this “Miracle Pyramid.” Each part of the pyramid, from the base and up, sheds light on the wonders that exist all around us.

1.   At the broad base of the pyramid, we find those everyday miracles we all recognize. Some have used the word coincidence or synchronicity to explain these small wonders.

Whether it’s finding a long lost treasure or the remarkable series of events that conspire to save a life, these miracles tend to be very personal and God’s way of working anonymously.

2.   The next step up the pyramid takes us to the world of advanced math, where the multiplication of inanimate objects seems to occur at warp speed. Whether it is loaves and fishes on a mountainside or manna from heaven in the desert, miracles of sustenance in time of need transcend the centuries.

3.   In the middle, we arrive at miracles of rescue. These occur in the nick of time to save a life and we marvel at the good fortune that results, instead of certain demise.

Sometimes it's the sudden appearance of a mysterious stranger, as with Katie’s encounter with a serial killer, a serendipitous phone call that allows time to escape or maybe the avoidance of a fatal accident.

4.   Next we find the miracles of healing that often make us sit up and take notice. "Please save…,” is the most common miracle request and while some are healed physically, others find peace, not in the physical miracle they asked for, but in the miracle of acceptance.

The extreme of these healing miracles are the Near Death Experiences (NDEs)–ordinary people with remarkable visions not only of their unexpected survival, but their vivid description of where they were before returning to earthly life.

5.  At the top of our pyramid, the 360-degree view is spectacular. It is here we find thunderbolt miracles (you know, the ones some people need before they acknowledge that a miracle has occurred). Whether it is the sea parting for the escaping Israelites or the resurrection of Christ, these miracles alter the world in some way. 

Back outside the “Miracle Pyramid,” taking in all that it contains, it is good to be reminded that there are plenty of miracles to go around and that what matters most is that we are the only true judge of our miracle experience, no matter where it falls.

While we are aware that not all miracles are thunderbolts, we take with us the truth of Cardinal John Henry Newman’s words that, “It is far incomparably more difficult to believe the Divine Being should do one miracle and no more, than that He would do a thousand.”

Have you experienced any of the miracles on the “Miracle Pyramid”? Share your story below!

Plus, you can follow the Miracle Chasers on Twitter and Facebook, or check out their book, The Miracle Chase.

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