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The Card That Proved a Couple Was Meant to Be

My son was in love with a girl… did she love him too?

The Card That Proved a Couple Was Meant to Be

Sometimes couples just know they’re meant to be together. Take my teenage son, Kenny, and his girl Suzanne. Boys don’t want to share a lot of romantic stuff with their moms. So when Kenny came to me before a date, I was surprised. “I’m giving this card to Suzanne tonight,” he said.

I looked it over. There was a lovely winter scene on the front. I opened it and read the message: Winter is warmer with you by my side.

Ah, young love! I couldn’t help but get a pang of nostalgia. In our Mennonite culture, boys and girls who’ve reached courting age mingle at weekly gatherings known as singings. These events are held at a home in the community and involve games, treats and singing old hymns. When a couple pairs off, they are then allowed to have more private dates.

I’ve often told my children what happened when my husband, Kenny, and I were courting. I longed to show Kenny how much I liked him. I decided a valentine card would give me the perfect chance. But it had to be just right. I went through dozens of cards until I found one I liked. A red rose on the front, and inside, a simple message: You are special. I gave it to Kenny. He had a card for me too. A red rose on the front. You are special. The exact same card! We knew then: Our love was meant to be.

“Son, she’ll love this,” I told Kenny, Jr. “And she’ll love you too.”

Kenny, Jr., went on his date and returned that evening, grinning ear to ear. “I told you she’d like it,” I said.

“She did,” my son said. “She gave me a card too. Take a look.” He handed it to me. A lovely winter scene on the front. And inside, the message: Winter is warmer with you by my side.


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