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Stand Out

A cardinal’s contrast against the snow can serve as a reminder to Christians.

A cardinal in the snow. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.

When a fresh blanket of snow fell at home in Athens, Georgia, last year, I knew I wanted to photograph the birds in my front yard. I have a bird feeder by my porch and wanted to throw some seeds on the snow so the birds would come.

While on my porch, I laid on top of a blanket on my stomach to be able to photograph the birds at eye level. Photographing animals at eye level makes for a much more interesting shot.

A lot of birds showed up, but the one that I thought would contrast the best against the snow was the male cardinal. I did not realize how skittish cardinals were until I tried to photograph them from a close distance. I bet I also looked a little silly, but I did not care.

As cardinals are a contrast to the white snow, we as Christians should stand out and be a contrast to a world that does not know Him. Our lives should stand out and be different from the world around us. Can others see Jesus through our lives?

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