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Message in a Dream

A dream brought grieving radio host Don Geronimo comfort, writes assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

Daniel Kessel

Today’s guest blogger is assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

If you’re a Mysterious Ways subscriber, you’ve probably received your copy of the December/January 2015 issue. Did you catch the news Edward Grinnan shared in the Editor’s Note?

Starting next issue, we’re launching a new section called “Dreams & Premonitions,” devoted to the stories you send about these mind-boggling, sometimes prophetic phenomena. I’ll be the section’s editor, and I’m extremely excited.

That’s why I couldn’t believe it when my brother Mark recently told me the story of a mysterious dream that impacted one of his favorite radio personalities, Don Geronimo. Mark, a big-time radio fan, followed the popular “Don & Mike Show” up until its final episode in 2008.

Freda Wright-SorceThe show ended in part because Don had so much going on behind the scenes. His wife, Freda, was killed in a car accident in July 2005.

She’d been a frequent guest on the “Don & Mike Show” and had started calling in even before they were together. Their on-air relationship was a hallmark of the show.

After his wife’s death, Don took a short hiatus from work. He returned three weeks later and recorded what my brother described as one of the most memorable, heart-felt episodes in the show’s run, dedicating the whole 75 minutes to Freda’s memory.

Don discussed the poignant letter his wife had written him months earlier, which he discovered locked away in the family safe. According to the Washington Post, Freda’s letter begins with a dream:

“I dreamed last night I died. . . . I wasn’t afraid and I felt no pain. . . . Don’t be sad for me. My only sadness is my family will be sad for me. Just know that all is right and is as it should be. I am happy.”

Freda wrote she looked forward to being reunited with her loved ones someday. At the end, she signed simply, “Freda, 10/16/04.”

Penned just 9 months before her fatal accident, inspired by a dream, the reassuring letter was exactly what Don needed to make it through the difficult days ahead.

Have you ever had a mysterious dream or an inexplicable premonition? What did you do about it? Contribute to our new section and share your story with us!

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