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How Far Is Heaven?

Getting my little angels ready for Bible class was tough, but a song set me straight.


Saturday morning scramble.

Getting my three boys ready for their 9:00 a.m. Bible class was always a challenge, but this morning we’d hit an all-time low. Everyone overslept, and two of us (I won’t name names) had nighttime accidents. That meant stripping two beds and extra laundry once we got home in the afternoon.

For now, I ran downstairs to fix breakfast. The kids wolfed down cereal and juice, bundled up in their winter gear and hustled out the door.

On the road finally, I flicked on some music. “How far is heaven?” the chorus asked gaily from the radio.

Ha! I thought. Good question. Heaven seemed pretty darn far on hectic mornings like this. My feet were planted firmly on the ground!

I glanced at the boys in the rearview mirror. Three pairs of green eyes stared back at me. Three little mouths curved into rosy smiles. I turned the song up louder and took back my grouchy thoughts.

Heaven was right there in the backseat. Even if we were a little late for Bible class.

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