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Blessings and Wonders Right Under Your Nose

There are blessings and wonders just waiting to be seized. Sometimes they’re closer than you think, right under your nose

Gifts and blessings right under your nose.

I started working at Guideposts a little over three years ago, just as the company was preparing to move offices from midtown to downtown Manhattan. Many of my colleagues had been at the old office for 10 years or more. So there was a lot of stuff to be packed up or tossed away.

That’s when I discovered something about my new co-workers. They were a very kind, generous bunch. For one thing, everyone kept trying to give me their stuff!

I inherited everything from an old green desk lamp to a business suit jacket…and I don’t even wear suits! One day, Guideposts executive editor Amy Wong came over to my desk bearing yet another gift. A yellow cardigan she’d found in her office while cleaning. Probably something she’d purchased long ago and hadn’t had a chance to return.

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“It’s from J.Crew,” she said. “I thought you might like it.” 

I put it aside, along with the new lamp and one half of a business suit. Once we moved offices, the cardigan ended up in one of my desk drawers, and I forgot about it.

Then, two months ago, I was cleaning my desk and saw it again. The color was still beautiful, even after three years of exile. I took it home and washed it, then tried it on. It fit better than any other cardigan I’d ever owned (and, believe me, my past has been filled with many a cardigan), plus matched everything in my closet perfectly. In fact, it looks so good that I wear it at least once a week. Every time I do, somebody compliments it.

To think that gem of a cardigan was in my desk this whole time, sitting idle, when it could’ve been brightening up my world. I guess sometimes you miss the good gifts in front of you. The blessings and wonders just waiting to be seized. Sometimes they’re closer than you think, right under your nose.

Have you ever stumbled upon a little gift or blessing that changed your life or, at the very least, your wardrobe? Share your story below!

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