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6 Stories of Birds with Messages and Miracles from Above

These winged messengers brought heavenly signs from above.

Four colorful birds on a branch; Getty Images

With their ethereal wings, striking colors and the ability to soar above earth, birds are universal symbols of peace, freedom, and rebirth. And, like the dove that returned to Noah with the olive branch in the wake of the Great Flood, they can also act as heavenly messengers. Here are 6 stories about birds who brought messages from above.

A Sign Her Husband Was Safe in Heaven

When Cindy’s husband Ken died, leaving behind Cindy and their two teen sons, it sent the family reeling. How could they go on without him? Cindy took it especially hard. Every night, she prayed that God would let her see Ken in her dreams, so she’d know he was all right. She needed that closure. But the dream never came. Then, one morning, she heard something in her backyard that stopped her in her tracks…

You can read about how Cindy’s prayer was answered here.

The Beautiful Birds Restored Her Hope in The Future

After an accident left her paralyzed from the waist down, Alexis struggled to adjust. Her life as she’d known it was over. She struggled to find a reason to get out of the bed in the mornings. She spent days just gazing out the window, trying to come to terms with what had happened to her. That’s when she started to notice the birds.

You can read the rest of Alexis’s story here.

A Sparrow Sent from Above

Sheila’s friend Cathy had always loved animals—but she had a special place in her heart for birds. It was her loving spirit that Sheila missed most after Cathy’s death. Sheila knew that Cathy was in heaven, but she still craved one final message from her dear friend. Then, one cold January morning, Sheila spotted something on the way out of the house. A small bird, sitting on the floor of her glassed-in front porch. A sparrow.

You can read about Sheila’s sparrow here

This Bird Eased Her Worries

Months into Covid-19 self-isolation at their cabin in the Adirondacks, Aline had gotten used to living with anxiety. To get some fresh air and clear her head, she’d started going on long walks with her husband and their dog, Moose. While out on one of these hikes, Aline noticed a bird perched low on a tree branch beside the path. It was a northern goshawk, an incredibly rare bird. And it was looking right at them…

Read Aline’s story here.

Miracle on Madison Avenue

Marcus couldn’t sleep. So he decided to head into work early. He hadn’t had a good night’s rest in eight months, ever since his mother passed away. Today, he was missing her even more than usual. As he stood outside his office on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, drinking coffee from a paper cup, his thoughts drifted to her. She was a dedicated birdwatcher. Marcus had a photo she’d taken of her favorite—the red-winged blackbird—tacked up on the bulletin board over his desk at work. That’s why the bird hopping around on the sidewalk nearby caught his eye. Could it be?

Read about Marcus’s miracle here

The Hummingbird That Led Her to Pray

Michele’s teenage daughter, Amy, was a skeptic. Michele was always looking for ways to help bolster her faith. But she didn’t expect it to come in the form of a hummingbird, trapped in their garage.

Read Michele’s story here.

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