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10 Times God Spoke Through Food

Ways that food led to a miraculous outcome from our Guideposts readers and editors.

God speaks to us in many different ways, as our recent Mysterious Ways survey about God’s voice showed.

For example, I find that God often speaks to me through my stomach. Maybe because food is comforting. Or maybe because I’m always hungry! Whatever the reason, it seems like God is always sending me little messages through food.

As it turns out, I’m not alone. Many of our readers have experienced what you might call “food miracles.” So I decided to put together a list of some of the most delectable ones out there, both from myself and others.

Take a look at some of my favorite food miracles below. Plus don’t forget to share your own food “mysterious ways” in the comments field below!

Warning: Sweets feature quite prominently on this list. If you’ve given up sweets for Lent, I apologize in advance!

1.  A Pit Stop for Pie that Led to Love
This story from Mysterious Ways author Lois Warren Chenoweth proves that you should always listen to a pie craving…always!

“It was nine o’clock at night. I’d be home in 10 minutes. I wasn’t hungry. And yet…Pie. Stop for a piece of pie! I was overwhelmed by the desire for pie. I pulled into the parking lot of a diner. What was going on? Maybe I needed a treat. I’d spent the evening with friends and now was feeling lonely. I was 62, a widow of seven years. Everyone else had family to go home to. Not me. I went inside, sat at the counter, gave in and ordered a slice of blueberry pie.

Across the counter, I spotted Donna, a young woman I recognized from town. She was eating by herself too. I dug into my dessert and made chitchat. ‘My stepmom passed away a few months ago,’ Donna said.

‘Oh dear, I’m so sorry to hear that,’ I said. We talked and talked until the last crumbs on our plates were gone. Three days later, I ran into Donna’s father at the post office. We were just acquaintances, but after my conversation with Donna I felt as though I had to say something. ‘I understand what you’re going through. If you ever need anything…’ We struck up a friendship, and eventually started dating. Two years later, we were married. I’m not lonely anymore. All thanks to that peculiar craving for pie.”

2.  The Tale of the Cronut Miracle
Here’s how a croissant/donut brought three co-workers together in a modern-day loaves and fishes type of miracle. Read the story here.

3.  A Lifesaving Hamburger Craving
A father stops on the road after getting a sudden craving for burgers from Hardee’s. And it’s a good thing he did… Read the story here.

4.  Two Chocolate Bars that Changed a POW’s Life
This story still leaves me saying, “Whoa!” And not just because it features two chocolate bars! Read the story here.

5.  The Great Klondike Bar Rescue
Check out this incredible story from Mysterious Ways author Roberta Messner about a nudge to buy ice cream that ended up saving a man’s life.

“Ice cream was melting in my car on East Pea Ridge Road. My sister, Rebekkah, and I were driving home from the supermarket when she received an important phone call that required her undivided attention. We pulled over; now Rebekkah was deep in a conversation with no end in sight. The Klondike bars we’d bought would be soup before we could get them into the freezer.

I rarely ate ice cream, but it was a blazing hot day and I had that Klondike jingle stuck in my head: What would you doo-oo-ooh… So I had gone out and bought a box of six. We each ate two in the car. The other two seemed destined for the trash. Out of my window, I spotted a man in a wheelchair stopped by the road. Why not offer him the ice cream? Yeah, right! I didn’t know the guy; he’d think I was nuts. But the idea stuck in my head just like that jingle.

I got out of the car and approached him. Up close he was pale, disoriented. My nursing training kicked in. I felt his skin. Cold and clammy. ‘Blood sugar’s low,’ the man mumbled. ‘Need something to eat…’ The Klondike bars did the trick. Soon the man was himself again, laughing and chatting away. ‘Where’d you folks come from, anyway?’ he said. ‘Heaven?’

‘Just the supermarket,’ I said with a laugh.”

6.  A Root Beer Float from Heaven
The amazing way a grieving family received comfort from above at a fast food joint. Read the story here.

7.  Chili for All
The sweet (or should I say spicy?) way that a pot full o’ chili ended up saving the day! Read the story here.

8.  Chocolate Box of Wonder
Miracles are like a box of chocolates….you never know what you’re gonna get! Take this story about a box of See’s Candies that led to some much-needed comfort. Read the story here.

9.  The Just-in-time Mints
This story from Mysterious Ways author Randy Beaumier proves that when we’re in need, God provides…even if what we need is mints!

“Ekgh! Ekgh! A coughing fit. I pulled the phone company van into a quiet cul-de-sac where I could catch my breath. My throat was burning something fierce. A few days earlier, one of my coworkers had been too sick to finish installing a new phone line. I’d met up with him to complete the work, and before he left I gave him a handful of red-and-white mint lozenges, my entire supply, to soothe his sore throat. I must have picked up his bug. Lord, I wish I’d saved a couple of those mints! I prayed. I heard a loud clanking noise. An old pickup truck was pulling up behind me. The driver climbed out and tapped on my window. “I see you work for the phone company,” he said, pointing to the logo on my van. “Thanks for everything you do. You look like you could use these.” He held out his hand. In his palm were two red-and-white mint lozenges.”

10.  A Miraculous Giant Tomato
The heartwarming way a giant tomato (yes, a giant tomato!) healed a woman’s relationship with her grandfather. Read the story here.

Do you have any “mysterious ways” food stories to share?

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