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7 Days of Wonder

Wonder is all around and waiting to be seen, if only we put on our “glittering eyes”!

Message of love written in chalk on a sidewalk

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.

That’s one of my favorite quotes from author Roald Dahl–I too believe wonder is hidden all around if only we put on “glittering eyes” or “wonder vision.” Sometimes, though, our lives get so busy that we forget to actively seek it.

So this past week, I issued myself a challenge: Find something wondrous or just plain beautiful in the world every single day of the week. Here’s what I uncovered…

1. Sunday–Sidewalk Marriage Proposal

I stumbled across this sweet message bright and early around 6:30 a.m. while walking through Manhattan. It certainly added some pep to my step. Love really is blooming on every street block and corner!

2. Monday–A Very Important Date

For the past two weeks, my colleague Danielle had been talking about how she wanted to buy dried dates. Kind of an odd thing to discuss. But, guess what arrived at the office on Monday, out of nowhere? One box of dried dates. A gift sent to the editors from a Guideposts writer!

3. Tuesday–Soda Can Soul Mate

I’m kind of a romantic–I’ve been on the lookout for my soul mate since elementary school! (I blame my parents who met in the first grade.) On Tuesday, I walked into our office kitchen and there were several soda cans on the counter, left over from a meeting.

Can of soda with word "soulmate" on itI haven’t had soda in months but, for some reason, I reached for a red can of Coke. “I’ll keep this at my desk in case of an emergency,” I joked to the other editors in the kitchen.

“Wow, look!” one of them said, pointing to the can. Written along the side were the following words: “Share a Coke with your Soulmate.” Was it some kind of clue? Just in case, I’m going to save that can of soda until I find him…or at least until it expires!

4. Wednesday–Chalk Talk

I was walking to work on Wednesday when I saw scribbled on the sidewalk in fresh chalk: “follow your bliss.” What a lovely reminder to keep at following my dreams as a writer.

5. Thursday–Ahhh, Peace!

I didn’t spot anything unusual on Thursday, but I did experience a rare moment of peace and quiet–a wonder itself in a city like New York! At lunchtime, I went to a nearby market and sat at a little table to read a book about St. Peter.

All around me there was chatter and people laughing over lunch. But this wonderful sense of peace and clarity came over me as I read my book. It’s amazing how God can turn even the noisiest cafeteria into a sacred space.

 A shining skyscraper at night.6. Friday–A Guiding Light

On my way back from a dance class late on Friday night, I realized that I’d forgotten to hunt for a sign of wonder. Then I looked up and saw this. Just another skyscraper all lit up I suppose.

But, against the back drop of the evening sky, it hit me. God is just like that skyscraper–a constant, steady source of light guiding my way home, even in the midst of darkness.

7. Saturday–Glasses on a Church Fence

This past weekend, I went to Ocean Beach on Fire Island in New York with three of my friends. We came across a lovely white church, which seemed a little out of place in the middle of all the beach cottages.

“Look!” my friend Gino said, pointing to the fence by the church. “A pair of glasses…how mysterious!” The four of us started pitching theories about what it could mean.

Maybe someone was gazing upon the church when their vision was healed, Gino suggested. Or, perhaps, someone just lost their glasses by the road, my friend Alyssa said. I guess we’ll never really know. But it sure was an interesting end to my quest to put on “wonder vision,” don’t you think?


Now it’s your turn! I issue the same challenge to you–this week, look for wonder all around and report back with your results. You can email me your wondrous finds and photos at mw@guideposts.org.

Happy wonder seeking!  

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