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God’s Love in a Ray of Hope

A beam of light from above provides comfort to a grieving dog lover whose beloved pet has just passed.

A ray of hope, as captured by Kathy Sharp's son and daughter-in-law

When one Guideposts reader’s dog, Pebbles, passed away, she received an incredible sign of hope and God’s love.

We asked Guideposts readers for photos and stories of the mysterious and miraculous moments they witnessed in their lives (to help grow our Mysterious Ways Tumblr site). Guideposts reader Kathy Sharp of Mantua, New Jersey, shared with us one powerful moment she experienced after the death of a beloved pet:

“Many years ago, my life was getting lonelier by the minute. My relationship of several years had ended. I also was going through empty nest syndrome. I decided to look into getting a dog, a little dog.

“My daughter and I went to every animal shelter we possibly could find in the Yellow Pages. We saw all kinds of dogs, just not the one. Around Christmas, I decided to take a quick peek on the internet to check the animal shelters again to see if just maybe there were any new adoptees. There she was—a matted, dirty white, skinny, sad-eyed 1-year-old poodle/Westie mix. I immediately filled out an application online. Two weeks later, she was mine.

“I kept the name Pebbles, which the shelter had given her. I took her home and loved her. Through the years, I always referred to her as my angel because she was always there with me, through thick and thin. I always said that she rescued me; I didn’t rescue her.

“We had nearly 12 happy years together. The day she died, my heart was broken. That morning, my whole family gathered to bury her under the lilac bush in my yard. I prayed to God to take good care of the gift he had given me, and told him how grateful I was for the time I had with my angel.

“Just hours after my Pebbles passed away, [the] picture [at the top of the page] was taken by my son and my daughter-in-law. The beam of light shining down was directly over my house.

“I always knew she was my angel. God didn’t have to confirm it, but this sign did help me to know she was with him again.”


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