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Wily Whippet Saved by an Earth Angel

In the winter's freezing cold, a kindly FDNY lieutenant makes sure a lost dog gets home.

FDNY Lt. David Kelly. Photo: FDNY

Yesterday’s nonevent–at least as far as NYC was concerned–found a city well-prepared for the predicted two feet of snow with drifts much higher.

Schools closed, the subway system shut down, no cars on the roads after 11:00 pm so the snow plows could do their job. These storm preparations affected millions.

FDNY Lt. David Kelly.FDNY Lt. David Kelly, meanwhile, who works a security shift at the Randall’s Island Fire Academy, had a smaller plan. For three weeks he’d seen a stray tiger-stripped whippet hanging around the academy at night.

He had two rescues at home, and his heart went out to this cold and hungry dog. Cold and hungry and fast. Too fast for Kelly to get even close. With the storm looming, the lieutenant meant business. He set a trap with one of his dog cages and a can of dog food.

The wily whippet made off with the first serving, which had frozen solid in the blowing snow. But when the dog returned for more–bingo!

Some internet research revealed the owner lived in Harlem, connected to Randall’s Island by a pedestrian bridge.

The woman had been posting frantic Facebook updates about “Burt,” who’d slipped his collar and ran away five months earlier. People had caught glimpses of him here and there, but it took a quick-thinking angel on earth to catch him and send him home. Thanks to Kelly, the winter will be a warm one for Burt.

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