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Stranded on a Dark Mountain Pass

Stranded on a dangerous road, how would he get help? His guardian angel was closer than he knew.

Joan Wester Anderson

John White was the general sales manager at a Ford dealership in Kingman, Arizona. Sometimes he drove trade-ins home at night to see if they were fit for resale. The trip to John’s home in Bullhead City was a challenge: he had to maneuver through a dangerous mountain pass, but also watch out for unsavory characters known to also travel the road.

One night John had just reached the top of that treacherous mountain pass, when the used car went dead. “No lights, no power brakes or steering,” John recalls. Somehow he guided it through the winding curves, pulled it off the highway and came to a stop in pitch darkness.

Though he was relieved, he soon realized that with no lights it would be difficult to attract help. And what if he attracted a criminal instead? It was hours until the sunrise.

An hour or so later, a police car came by, traveling somewhat slowly. John waved with all his might, and the officer spotted him. “I’m heading to a conference in Laughlin, Nevada,” the officer told John as he sized up the situation. “I can give you a ride to Bullhead City.”

What a relief! John couldn’t believe his luck. As the two men talked, John discovered that his rescuer used to be an FBI agent, and now worked for the Flagstaff Police Department. Even better, when they got to Bullhead, the officer volunteered to drive John to his door. “It’s not that far out of my way,” he said, and a few moments later, John was home, and shaking the kind man’s hand in appreciation.

The police car pulled away just as John’s wife opened the front door. “I saw the police officer,” she said to John. “Is anything wrong?”

“Everything is fine,” John assured her, and told her of his luck in being rescued by a police officer. “I hope you said thank you,” his wife nudged. “I did, but I never got his name,” said John. “Maybe I should write him a note.”

The following morning, John called the Flagstaff Police department. He was surprised to learn that no one matched the description of his rescuer, and further, none of their officers were former FBI agents. They referred John to the highway patrol, who referred him to the sheriff’s department, with the same results. Had he misunderstood? No, he remembered that conversation, almost word for word.  

“If it hadn’t been for my wife, who saw me getting out of the police car, I might have thought I was losing my mind,” John says.

About six months later, it dawned on John that the man could have been a guardian angel. “Maybe I would have been killed on that mountain road, by a car or by criminals, but God had other things for me to do,” says John, who has become a Christian.

As for that police officer, he could have very well worked for the police department. Many angels do.

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