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She Paints Like an Angel

Inspired by her faith, the young artist Akiane Kramarik creates breathtaking images—including pictures of angels with wings!

Picture of an Angel with Wings by Akiane Kramarik, www.akiane.com

Thanks to my friend Sybil Light, Guideposts’ Philanthropy Coordinator, I’ve spent the last hour on the Internet admiring the inspirational illustrations of a young artist named Akiane Kramarik.

She’s 17 years old and today paints mostly in acrylics and oils but did her first sketches in pencil at age 4. You can sort of watch her grow up as you scroll through her gallery, her subjects (both people and animals) becoming more and more expressive.Image by Akiane Kramarik, www.akiane.com

She says her artwork is inspired by her visions of heaven and her faith in God. Her parents were surprised to hear such a thing early on—they had no religious beliefs of their own, and in fact there was no talk of religion in their household.

All that has changed now. Akiane told her mother first about her heavenly visions and how beautifully real they were. “You must believe me,” Akiane told her. Watch the video and, like her parents, you will too.

Various examples of Akiane’s artwork—including fine art prints of angels like the image above and greetings cards featuring the Prince of Peace—are available for purchase on her website.

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