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Let It Snow, Let It Snow

A woman with limited mobility is caught outside as a storm brews.

Patricia Walworth Wood and her husband, John

Snow can be tricky for me, walking with a cane. But that January day was so bright I just had to go out despite it. I headed the few blocks to the bagel shop for lunch.

While enjoying my bagel, I noticed the storm darkening outside. I had to get home.

On my way back, the unforgiving wind whipped snow across the sidewalk and into my eyes. Maybe going out wasn’t such a good idea, I thought, holding tight to my cane.

Just then a taxi pulled up alongside me. The driver rolled down his window. “Hop in, ma’am,” he said cheerfully. “I’ll drive you the rest of the way. No charge.”

A few minutes later I was safe at home, knowing I could always rely on the kindness of angels.


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