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Heat Wave

A horse and rider pray to heavenly angels for relief from the intense summer weather.


Heat rose in waves from the road in front of me. I patted my horse, Patches.

“I know, I’m hot too,” I said. “Maybe I shouldn’t have taken you out for a ride today.”

Squinting against the glaring sun, I scanned the Montana sky for any sign of reprieve. The sky stretched blue and clear to the far horizon. I gave Patches as much slack in the reins as I could.

Steady drops of sweat rolled down the middle of my back. My mouth dried until my lips cracked. I didn’t think I could keep going, but we could not stop.

“Please, God,” I croaked. “Can you give us some relief?”

I closed my eyes, swaying with the movement of Patches as he walked. I felt him stiffen, pick up his head and exhale sharply. I opened my eyes. A shadow rolled across the ground in front of us. A cloud! An enormous cloud!

The shadow moved closer and closer until it covered us completely. It enveloped us in a deep shade. After just a few minutes I had my strength back. A cool breeze blew against our faces all the way home.

But where had the cloud come from?

Heaven, of course.

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