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Four-Leaf Clovers

She found 95 clovers by her house! They were like small angels on earth.

Four leaf clover

Here in Pecatonica, they call me the Angel Lady.

For 20 years I’ve made more than 15,000 lace angels for craft shows, friends and neighbors. My latest project, though, might just earn me a brand-new nickname. 

Last spring, I spotted a perfect four-leaf clover in my yard. I took it as a sign of luck, and placed it in a magazine to dry out. But day-by-day, more four-leaf clovers sprouted around my house. This was more than luck. By summer’s end I’d collected 95!

I had a magazine full of beautiful dried four-leaf clovers. Lord, what am I supposed to do with these? I wondered, as I admired them on the page. And then I knew: bookmarks! I’d make bookmarks!  

I took my favorite angel, one trimmed with feathers and gold, and glued a clover in her hands. Then I added a special poem. My latest creations are marking pages in books all over town.

This year, my yard has sprouted a new crop of clovers—a record-number with four leaves!

Angels or clovers, they’re all blessings to me. And the Clover Lady has a nice ring to it.


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