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Calling All Kitchen Angels!

Calling all angels! Send your recipes to Angels on Earth magazine.

Christina Friberg's Chicken Curry, calling all angel recipes, Guideposts

I gave my family a big treat last night and made something new for dinner. I tried the Chicken Curry recipe Christina Friberg sent in for our Angels on Earth May/June issue, and nobody was disappointed.

Christina’s right too about the smell of curry powder and cinnamon drifting through the house. As soon as I got the pan going, I heard calls from upstairs, “Mmm, what are you cooking in there, Mom? When’s it gonna be ready?”

The best part was, the dish sort of cooked itself, simmering for a couple hours while I caught up on my magazines and the kids finished their homework.

You must have a recipe you’d like to share with Angels on Earth. Maybe you have a famous potluck dish, or make the flakiest pie crust in town, or bake organic treats for your dog.

We’ll send a professional photographer to your kitchen so you can show everybody how to do things just right. Or maybe you have a friend who just loves to cook and doesn’t know about us.

We can all use a few new ideas when it comes to the inevitable question at the end of the day, “What’s for dinner?” Help us out here. Send your favorite recipes to Angels on Earth, 110 William Street, Suite 901, New York, NY 10038, or email it to us.

Imagine being our kitchen angel in an upcoming issue!

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