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Angels and Skeptics

Author Lorna Byrne’s faith and sanity are being questioned because of her book on angels.

Being an angel author, I try to stay aware of other writers in this field, so a few months ago I did a review on Lorna Byrne’s book, Angels in my Hair for Guideposts. Although there are parts of her popular book that left me with question marks, I found it overall to be a positive addition to our worldwide angel library.

I was thus surprised to read an article on Lorna from FoxNews that actually questions her sanity, not just her faith. While the story, by religion reporter Lauren Green, begins pleasantly, it takes a turn with the opinions of Matthew Alper, author of The God Part of the Brain, who essentially equates angels with Santa Claus.

People are certainly free to choose their beliefs, but I doubt an interview on another topic would have brought out the anger that this one did. What do you think?

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