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Angels and Fear of Firecrackers

Angels know God’s watching over us, but at times we find it hard to trust we’ll be ok.

Sunflower the Pomeranian

Today’s guest blogger is Angels on Earth Staff Editor Meg Belviso.

The Fourth of the July is a great holiday for human Americans, but it’s probably not the most popular day of the year among pets.

Just ask the Pomeranian I live with. Sunflower spent a difficult weekend dealing first with thunder and then with firecrackers that went off sporadically all night long for several days.

I may know there’s nothing to fear from the thunder, that the firecrackers are too far away to harm her, but she didn’t understand it when I tried to explain it to her. All I could do was pet her while she cowered in the closet, and the laundry basket and the bathtub.

Writing as I do about angels every day, I couldn’t help but wonder if they often felt as helpless as I did then when they’re watching us humans here on Earth.

Of course, humans often face dangers and problems far more real than thunder monsters or distant firecrackers. But still, angels know God’s watching over the world, and they’re probably doing their best to help us understand that too. But like Sunflower, sometimes we find it hard to trust we’ll be okay.

Hopefully the stories in Angels on Earth help folks remember that when they read them. I know they help me!

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