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Among Angels—Literally!

Among Angels by Jane Seymour features artwork, poems and quotes from the author.

Guideposts is publishing Jane Seymour’s new book this fall. Among Angels is going to be a beautiful gift book full of Jane’s artwork, quotes, and poems about angels, and personal stories about angelic encounters.

As the editor for this project, I’ve had the privilege of speaking with Jane about the angels among us. Her belief in their very real power and presence is so fervent, and I have to say, intoxicating. Just thinking about all of the possibilities of spiritual beings beneath the surface of our everyday lives is exciting—angels that are as real as anything tangible, but because they remain unseen, are often overlooked.

As I’ve thought about my conversations with Jane, and as I’ve edited this gorgeous book, I’ve been inspired to think about the angels in the background of my own life. What experiences or encounters that I’ve simply called coincidence are miraculous or divine? It all reminds me of the practice of gratitude—how being grateful begets more gratitude. And so I think the more we count the tiny miracles and angelic encounters in our life, the more we’ll have to realize they’re all around—and not in the background at all.

Rebecca Maker

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