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A Swivel-Hipped Earth Angel Brings God’s Comfort

A grieving woman finds inspiration and renewed faith in the songs of Elvis Presley.

The music of Elvis brought inspiration and renewed faith to a grieving woman.

No matter how much I loved the King, I still couldn’t get excited about the Elvis impersonator who was giving a special Christmas concert at a local church.

My beloved husband had passed away, and I was battling illness after illness. Some days I wondered how I could get through it all.

“Elvis is going to cheer you up,” my sister Gwen kept telling me. “I just know it!” I doubted it.

Gwen and I were the first ones to arrive and grabbed seats in the front row. Soon the church was full. I felt excitement in the air.

It’s almost like coming to see the real Elvis, I thought.

The impersonator hit the stage. He performed several of Elvis’s gospel hits and of course “Blue Christmas.” I found myself swaying with the music. Next came “Stand by Me.”

Elvis looked straight into my eyes. Tears streamed down my face. I felt like God was sending a message right to me. He wanted me to know he was by my side whatever happened.

After the concert Gwen and I introduced ourselves to Ron, the impersonator.

“My sister just lost her husband,” Gwen explained to him.

“My mother lost her husband a few years ago,” Ron said. “She made it through. You will too.”

For the first time I believed I would. Thanks to an angel dressed as a king.

Listen to the real Elvis sing “Blue Christmas.”

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