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15 Years of Angels

The Angels on Earth editor-in-chief celebrates the 15 year anniversary of the magazine.

Coming up on 15 years ago, ANGELS ON EARTH was just an idea on paper. A good idea, for sure.

A whole magazine devoted to the mystery and wonder of a hidden world was irresistible. But how could we ever find enough true stories to fill its pages? After all, most people don’t “see” angels.

That kept me up nights, because I was managing editor of the fledgling publication, and responsible for getting the material we needed. We solicited stories from readers of GUIDEPOSTS, our flagship. We called on friends and family. Word spread and soon our mailbox was stuffed with envelopes, our inbox was full.

We made assignments to magazine illustrators who then wanted to tell of their own experiences with angels! I’d say we’ve printed something in the neighborhood of 2,500 stories in the magazine alone.

We’ve got books full of stories too. And here on our brand-new web site you’ll find even more. All true stories, all original, all from regular people just like you.

There seems to be no end to them. You see, I learned that you don’t have to see angels to know they’re near. They make their presence known in ways I never dreamed. I sleep a lot better these days, expecting angels at every turn.

Do you have a story to tell? Or remember an experience you could never quite fully explain? Tell us as a 15-year anniversary present. Be part of the celebration.


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Colleen Hughes is the editor-in-chief of ANGELS ON EARTH magazine, a GUIDEPOSTS publication. She’s been at GUIDEPOSTS for 20 plus years, and lives in a Hudson River town with her two daughters and two cats.

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