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10 Unexpected Angels Found in the Midst of Nature

Nature has provided comfort and reassurance in the form of heaven-sent angels. Here are ten of our favorite submissions. Inspired?

Nature has provided comfort and reassurance in the form of heaven-sent angels. Here are ten of our favorite submissions. Inspired? You can submit your story at submissions@angelsonearth.com.


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Bovine Angel

Late in the day at my family’s cattle ranch, I noticed something strange on my way through the field. One of the newborn calves had a white spot on her side. It shone like a beacon. That’s strange, I thought, making a beeline for her. Almost all of our cows were solid red or solid black. As I got close I saw that this white spot had a very unique shape. When it came time to name the calves we had no problem coming up with a name for Angel.—Susan Topham, Sprague River, Oregon

Two snowy hearts

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Snowy Reassurance from Beyond

I sipped my coffee on the couch that cold and icy February morning, sunlight filtering in thorough the curtains. I was determined to enjoy some well-deserved alone time while my husband was out, but I couldn’t keep my mind from wandering. My eyes fell on my mother’s prayer books, stacked on the end table. It had been three weeks since Mom had passed away. The night before she died, she gathered me and my sisters together. “Know I’ll be watching over you,” she said, looking so small in her hospital bed. I wanted to believe that was true. I also wanted to believe she was with my dad, who’d died eight years before. Now, Mom was buried alongside him. They shared a headstone—two hearts interlocked.

Sighing, I got up and threw open the curtains. I gasped. There in the frozen snow were tire tracks in the shape of two hearts.—Sue Osborn, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

An angel sighting in Carlsbad Cavern.

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Cavern Angel

We really wanted to go to see Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. The tour guide led us down a narrow corridor. My husband held his breath waiting to get to the bottom of the “great room” where the tour guide boasted of a gigantic wide opened space the size of a football field. The tour guide wanted to turn off the lights to show what pitch blackness was like. Just then, the guide shined his powerful flashlight on a beautiful formation. An angel appeared on the wall of the cave. He was still staring at that formation when the lights came on.  —Stephanie Thompson, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A cactus angel in Arizona

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Cactus Angel

Last May, I took a trip to see my son and daughter-in-law’s new home in Arizona. After I got settled, I stepped outside to take in the landscape, so different from my home in North Dakota. Autumn sage, Acacia trees and—what was that? A cactus in the shape of an angel! North Dakota or Arizona, angels are at home everywhere.—Marjorie Walter, Dickinson, North Dakota


Kathy's shadow angel

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Shadow Angel

Spending time outside on the porch was my favorite way to relax—until my husband, Ron, set up a hummingbird feeder in the yard. The birds flitted here, there and everywhere, chirping constantly. Their restlessness made me crazy! So much for peace, I thought one morning. Then I noticed the feeder’s shadow created the perfect angel on the pavement. I guess those restless creatures do have a peaceful side!—Kathy Keeley Anderson, Wautoma, Wisconsin

A Matilija poppy that resembles a waving angel

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Waving Angel

My husband and I are avid cyclers, and our favorite place to bike is the Santa Ana River Trail in Southern California. We went this past June especially to see the Matilija poppies in bloom. We didn’t expect to be greeted by this little angel beside the bike path. Looks like she is waving hello!—Penny Braund, Corona, California

The angel Kristy spotted in a plank in her backyard fence

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Plank Angel

We’d been living in our new house for days, but I wished there was a way I could know for sure we’d made the right decision. I was inside unpacking dishes, and my husband was outside putting up a wood fence. He popped his head into the kitchen. “Kristy, come and see this,” he said. Out in the yard he pointed to one of the planks. Embedded in the wood was an angel. This was definitely the house for us.—Kristy Chism, Lincoln, Nebraska

A cluster of oysters and barnacles in the shape of an angel

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Oyster Angel

My brother and sister-in-law threw a family BBQ at their new house on Puget Sound. My niece discovered quite a welcoming sight nestled in the rocks along the beach. Clusters of oysters and barnacles aren’t uncommon to these sparkling waters, but what a lovely occasion to see a group of them in this inspiring shape.—Mary Michael Garlichs, Lacey, Washington

An angel appears in a cross-section of shaggy bark juniper wood

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Juniper Angel

At the age of 56, retired from teaching and office work, I decided to try my hand at wood carving. I learned to use chain saws, angle grinders and die grinders. Twenty years later, I’m still at it. My favorite part is that first cut into a piece of raw wood. That’s when I find out what unique patterns and colors are inside. Like the day I cut a piece of shaggy bark juniper and discovered this angel waiting within.—Paula Dimit, Albuquerque, New Mexico

An angelic egret on the water with its wings fully spread

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Avian Angel

Why does my license plate say “D-Stork”? Because I delivered babies for 35 years before retiring in 2003. In my spare time, I always took pictures. Now I’m president of the Naples (Florida) Camera Club. So when our backyard pond drew over 50 birds for two days straight, I made sure to get them on camera. I’d never seen so many birds in one place! They were egrets, not storks, but equally angelic. As you can see.—David Garrison, Fort Meyers, Florida

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